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Gail Vilardo Frommeyer

Gail Vilardo Frommeyer, Cuisine Editor

Gail Vilardo Frommeyer

Cuisine Editor: recipes, restaurants, wine, cocktails, coffee

I'm a first generation of Italian immigrant parents who were born in a small town Fuscaldo located in southern Italy in a region of Calabria in the Province of Cosenza. The town is nestled in the high mountains where the view of the Mediterranean Sea takes your breath away.

As each generation of Italian/Americans dissolves further into the melting pot of America it becomes more urgent, at least for me, to keep the pride and traditions of my Italian roots to pass onto my 6 children and 8 (soon to be 9) grandchildren.

The pride and love of “La Famiglia,” love of friends, giving of oneself, respect, work hard ethic, and love of Italian food makes me who I am.

My passions are three: 1.) Love of Family; 2.) Love of teaching (45 years - taught in Elementary, High School, and presently a Supervisor at Northern Kentucky University in the Education Department working with student teachers and interns in their respective classrooms; 3.) Love of cooking, baking, and sharing the Italian cuisine.


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Gail Vilardo Frommeyer